Keynote speakers

Professor Gil Noam is Director of the Program in Education, Afterschool and Resiliency (PEAR) and an Associate Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital. Trained as a clinical and developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst in both Europe and the United States, Dr. Noam has a strong interest in supporting resilience in youth, especially in educational settings. He served as the director of the Risk and Prevention Program and is the founder of the RALLY Mentoring Prevention Program, a Boston-based intervention that bridges social and academic support in school, afterschool, and community settings. Dr. Noam has also followed a large group of high-risk children into adulthood in a longitudinal study that explores clinical, educational, and occupational outcomes. Since the establishment of PEAR, Dr. Noam and his team have been contributing to the effort to establish the field of afterschool education. PEAR is also working with Boston afterschool programs to develop a training and technical assistance structure, activities that PEAR coordinates with its partners at Achieve Boston, a seven-organization partnership that coordinates Boston’s afterschool training infrastructure. PEAR is actively engaged in research on afterschool topics. A private-public partnership (Institute for Educational Science, Piper Trust and Haan Foundation) is funding a randomized control study of a reading and resilience intervention for young struggling readers in afterschool settings. Dr. Noam has published over 200 papers, articles, and books in the areas of child and adolescent development as well as risk and resiliency in clinical, school and afterschool settings. He is the editor-in-chief of the journal New Directions in Youth Development: Theory, Practice and Research, which has a strong focus on out-of-school time.


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