Mentoring programmes in different forms have developed during recent years in Europe; for children, youth, seniors, entrepreneurs / business leaders and students. Regardless the form, the mentorship is always a meeting between two people, a social process and a developmental opportunity for both the mentor and the mentee. Programme managers, institutional representatives, teachers, and other agents need to know more and more if the practices they are developing are addressing effectively  social inclusion and cohesion. Thus, the Nightingale Mentoring Network board invites you to deepen our analysis of such topics around Effective mentoring.

The conference will highlight mentoring for different target groups and also explore the most effective ways of approaching mentorship programs. The mentoring conference is arranged by the Nightingale Mentoring Network and hosted by the University of Girona. The conference will be based on sucessful experiences of mentorship programmes, such as the RALLY program developed at Harvard University, BBBSA or Nightingale carried out in different european universities.

The Nightingale mentoring programme  started in 1997 in Malmö for students and children. The Nightingale has spread to many countries throughout Europe and the model has also been developed to cover different target groups (read more:

Aims of the conference

  • To increase the knowledge about mentoring
  • To explore effective mentoring practices
  • To exchange experiences and share good practice

  • Contents of the conference

    The conference will include plenary sessions and smaller workshops. The morning will feature key note speaker professor Gil Noam, director of the RALLY mentorship programme and associate professor at Harvard University. The afternoon will be divided into four workshops focused on different aspects of mentoring.

    Target Groups

  • Anyone generally interested in mentoring
  • Anyone who is interested in starting a mentorship programme / project
  • Any institution that already runs a mentorship programme and wants to exchange ideas and practices
  • Decision makers and officials in cities, regions and universities.
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