Starting and developing Mentoring programs

Moderator: Òscar Prieto-Flores

This workshop is focused on those people who are members or want to be members of the Nightingale Mentoring Network. How to start a mentoring program? Through this workshop some experiences will be presented and will be helpful for those people and institutions who want to start a mentoring program. How do we learn one from each other? Different experiences and discussion will be facilitated.

Consolidating effective mentoring programmes

Moderator: Jordi Feu

This workshop is targetting those people or institutions that have started mentorship programmes and have experience. Discussion about how to make mentoring programs more effective will be promoted.

Mentoring seniors and children or youth at-risk

Moderator: Carina Sild-Lönroth

In this workshop some experiences of mentoring specifically with children, refugee and immigrant youth and elder people will be presented. The debate will be centered on specificities of the relationship between mentees and mentors and how they are key for sucessful programs.

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